In The Wings :: Love Echo – Daybreak

Portuguese music producer, Vic Miranda, and the dreamy American vocalist, Vicki Glass – apparently geographically separated a little further than a chance stone’s throw from Luxembourg to Tokyo respectively – make up the ambient ‘post dream-pop’ duo, Love Echo… (you can pigeon-hole pretty much anything though right?)

Forward thinking dream-pop it is. Lo-fi stuttering beats akin to the sound of Flying Lotus, marauding synthlines and ethereal landscapes provide a more-than-appropriate stage on which Glass’ dream like vocals can perform – a genuine transporter of any willing consciousness. Bold and ambitious, yet subtle and honest.

Have a gander at this beautiful track, ‘Daybreak’, taken from last year’s debut album, ‘I Promise You Always the Sky’

‘I Promise You Always the Sky’ is available to stream in it’s entirety and to buy here]

– In The Wings

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