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Love Echo
I Promise You Always The Sky
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Prometemos que a boa música não acaba em 2013.
Os Love Echo chegam-nos da madrugada: cansaço pós-laboral, insónia, ennui potenciado pela falta de qualidade das séries televisivas a estas horas, mundo virtual sem nada que nos valha, e de repente uma melodia suave, uma batida quase cardíaca e uma voz de cristal – não, não é um trocadilho com o nome de Vicki Glass, uma das metades deste duo de Tóquio, de Paris, de Lisboa, do Luxemburgo, do Mundo, que lança o seu disco de estreia pela LebensStrasse quando ainda estamos todos a pensar em 2012.Comparsas do mui estimado Sun Glitters, os Love Echo agem como uma espécie de contraponto do produtor luso-descendente; se este é a banda-sonora de um final de tarde na praia, os Love Echo são-no do sonho do dia seguinte, da brisa suave de verão que nos enche o peito durante a noite, do regresso a casa após festa brava numa pista de dança. O mote é a electrónica, chamem-lhe pós-chillwave, pós-dubstep, pós-o-que-quiserem. É música, boa música. É “Departure”, quase-balada com as teclas em plano de destaque.Mais do que da produção de Vic Miranda fale-se da voz de Vicki, que não só complementa os beats do português como impede que as canções se tornem estanques – isto é, que se limitem a uma ideia de electrónica que mesmo agradável se torna repetitiva à quarta ou quinta audições. I Promise You Always The Sky é um compêndio de malhas para durar mais do que os quinze segundos habituais de fama da música na Internet de hoje, seja com a óptima versão de “The Lovecats” (dos enormes Cure), através do sussurro It’s all a lucid dream… em “Eligy”, por via da luxuosa “Hush” ou cavalgando os ritmos industriais de “Control”. Aprovadíssimo.

Paulo Cecílio


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The 405 News :: Love Echo – ‘Lovecats’ [Listen]


The Tokyo via Luxembourg duo of vocalist Vicki Glass and Vic Miranda craft luscious bubbles of dream pop under the name of Love Echo, and here have covered The Cure’s ‘Lovecats’ in a highly individualistic and engaging way.

How? Well, partly through a lack of perspicacity as Vic had never listened to the track prior to recording – instead relying on Vicki’s swooning vocals, thus allowing a beautiful insurrectionary take on Robert Smith’s classic track. It’s taken from upcoming album I Promise You Always the Sky that’s a joyful bucolic journey amid a woozy headspace – be sure to check out the track ‘We’ on Love Echo’s Soundcloud too.

I Promise You Always the Sky is out January 28th via Portuguese label LebensStrasse Records (also home to Sun Glitters and Slow Magic).

by Tim Boddy

– The 405

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The Stone Records :: Love Echo – I Promise You Always The Sky

ポルトガルのLebensStrasseからSun Glitters, Slow Magicに続くドリームポッププロジェクトLove Echoのデビューアルバム『I Promise You Always The Sky』が12月にリリース予定。Love EchoはVic MirandaとVicki Glassによる男女デュオで、Facebookなどのプロフィールには出身地が東京、パリ、ルクセンブルク、リスボンとありますが、東京にどの様な縁があるかは詳細把握できておりません。レーベルプレスではギターを削ぎ落としたCocteau Twinsと紹介されてますが、Keep Shelly In Athensのファンにも受け入れられそうな女性ボーカルと、昨今のシンセポップ~チルウェイブを通過したドリームポップサウンドが魅力的な全10トラックを収録。アルバムから現在”We”とThe Cureの”Lovecats“のカバーが公開されてます。世界に先駆け日本と台湾で12月にリリース開始予定との事で、他国では来年1月のリリースが予定されてます。

– The Stone Records

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The GROUND Magazine :: Interview with Love Echo

With only two tracks released under their name, Love Echo is a new project with producer, Vic Miranda and singer, Vicki Glass. For the most part they’ve been pretty mysterious about what they’re doing, but when they released their cover of “Lovecats”, a song by The Cure, many people took notice. Corresponding with The GROUND Magazine, Love Echo talks about their project, inspiration behind their name, and what they see for their future.

How did the two of you decide to get together to start this project?

Vicki: We were talking about how music has seemed to have lost its beauty, and decided to try to make something that we loved . Vic first came up with a charmingly seductive track full of synth lines, and I added some words and vocals to it. It all came together rather quickly. We did it just for our own amusement at first, but we liked what we heard and decided to do more tracks, which also came together almost immediately. From there we thought we’d do an EP, and when we did “The Lovecats” track, we put it out there as a teaser for it. We had no idea that people would like it as much as we do, and are awestruck and extremely humbled by the attention it’s getting.

Why did you name this project Love Echo?

Vicki: We came up with the name pretty much the same time that we were talking about how music has lost its beauty. We wanted a name that would describe what we are trying to do with this project. We sort of wished we could just call the project “love”, but obviously that sounded a bit too much like a title for a compilation album of greatest love songs of the ‘70s. So we added “echo” to give the project a sort of gentle, breathy, feminine image of spreading love. And now it probably sounds more like a title for a compilation album of greatest love songs of the ‘80s.

So you’re currently working on your debut album, how is that going? What should people expect to hear?

Vic: The album is currently being pressed. We’re hoping people will find it so chill they’ll get goosebumps.

Who and what were your influences for this project?

Vicki: Midnight, sunflowers, lucid dreaming and kittens. And an occasional pint of vanilla ice cream.

What are you currently listening to now?

Vicki: Porcelain Raft and Franz Schubert’s Sonata for Piano in A major, D. 959
Vic: Various golden era hip-hop and Stephan Bodzin.

You released a wonderful teaser into your music, a cover of The Love Cats by The Cure, how did you decide to pick that song?

Vicki: I have always really loved that song and wanted to do a slower, more sensual version of it. I pitched the idea of covering it to Vic, but he thought this project should have a “no covers” policy and had never heard the song. I sent him my vocal track anyway, and the fact that he didn’t know the song turned out to be a great blessing, because he was able to create a completely original and wildly beautiful piano-laden track for it.

What do you love the most about music?

Vicki: Its passion, its ability to move people in incredible ways.

What are your plans for the future for Love Echo?

Vicki: We’re really just taking this project day by day. We’ll probably be touring in the immediate future, and we’re still making tracks, eating loads of ice cream and cuddling kitties. Maybe there’s a second album in there somewhere, but we’re not thinking too far ahead and are just hoping that at least a track or two on our debut release will touch a few people.



– The GROUND Magazine

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Felinno :: Love Echo – Lovecats

Love Echo, ente dream pop europeo formado por Vic Miranda y Vicki Glass, revela la narcotizada Lovecats, delicada correspondencia de telepatía inscrita en la piel de un cover al tema new wave original de The Cure, The Lovecats de 1983. La bella revisitación nos introduce a la cremosa textura de un lullaby susurrante habitado por vocales afrutadas y visiones desorientadoras de amantes felinos, descubiertos por el pulso sonámbulo de sintetizadores post chillwave y el conjuro de bruma originado en la sofisticada melodía de un angélico piano.

– Felinno

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The Tune :: Love Echo slows down The Cure’s “Love Cats” on mystical electropop cover

Electropop project Love Echo (producer Vic Miranda and singer Vicki Glass) has recorded a fresh cover of The Cure‘s “The Love Cats” — and renamed it “Lovecats.” Love Echo’s version is a slowed-down, murky, and mystical-sounding electropop take on the original, and it could almost fit into the electronic subgenre of chillwave. This gives the track a sleek new ethos, one that I highly enjoy — “The Love Cats” is actually one of my favorite tunes by The Cure. Stream the cover below.

– The Tune

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Music for the Masses :: Love Echo – Lovecats

Love Echo – Lovecats Be entranced by the hypnotizing sound of Love Echo, a duo consisting of producer Vic Miranda and singer Vicki Glass. Their new track “Lovecats,” a rendition of the original by The Cure.

– Music for the Masses

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Apresentamos, Love Echo

Ainda no rescaldo do concerto épico de 3 horas dos The Cure no Optimus Alive, apresentamos os Love Echo e a sua mais recente interpretação do clássico de 1983 “The Lovecats”, da banda britânica.

A dupla formada pelo produtor português Vic Miranda e a vocalista Vicki Glass, é dona de uma sonoridade vaporosa, fresca e repleta de luz. Inspirada noutras revelações post-chillwave como Slow Magic, Sun Glitters ou Clams Casino, a produção de Vic evoca fragmentos de memórias perdidas, num rendilhado de ruídos crocantes e teclados melancólicos que abraçam com suavidade orgânica a voz aveludada de Vicki. O resultado embala-nos num sussurro entre o sonho e a realidade com um sorriso palerma estampado na cara.

“The Lovecats” está disponível no bandcamp dos artistas por €1.

Pedro Lima 


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SummersRadio™ New Music! Love Echo – ‘Lovecats’

Love Echo are a duo consisting of Vic Miranda and Vicki Glass – and they’ve just released a new cover of The Cure’s ‘The Love Cats’! Vic provides the dreamy sounds and production and Vicki provides the equally dreamy vocals. The band list the title as just one word – ‘Lovecats’ and it’s only the second song/ single that the duo has released, following ‘We’ which came out in May.


The Cure released ‘The Love Cats’ as a single in 1983 – it became their first top ten single it the U.K. – and it later appeared on their compilation of early singles and b-sides called ‘Japanese Whispers’. While the lyrics are completely intact on Love Echo’s version – they’re delivered in a much more sultry fashion – and the music has an altogether different feel. 

There’s no jazzy bits or any of Robert Smith’s ‘bah bat da buh’s – just the hypnotic piano over a slow beat with some additional atmospheric synths. It’s quite the transformation really – it’s a lullaby now – not to be confused with The Cure song called ‘Lullaby’!

If this fine cover is to your liking it’s available for purchase on their Bandcamp page here: and you can keep up with the duo on Facebook m’here:

This is Love Echo’s cover of ‘The Love Cats’… Enjoy!

– SummersRadio™

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