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With only two tracks released under their name, Love Echo is a new project with producer, Vic Miranda and singer, Vicki Glass. For the most part they’ve been pretty mysterious about what they’re doing, but when they released their cover of “Lovecats”, a song by The Cure, many people took notice. Corresponding with The GROUND Magazine, Love Echo talks about their project, inspiration behind their name, and what they see for their future.

How did the two of you decide to get together to start this project?

Vicki: We were talking about how music has seemed to have lost its beauty, and decided to try to make something that we loved . Vic first came up with a charmingly seductive track full of synth lines, and I added some words and vocals to it. It all came together rather quickly. We did it just for our own amusement at first, but we liked what we heard and decided to do more tracks, which also came together almost immediately. From there we thought we’d do an EP, and when we did “The Lovecats” track, we put it out there as a teaser for it. We had no idea that people would like it as much as we do, and are awestruck and extremely humbled by the attention it’s getting.

Why did you name this project Love Echo?

Vicki: We came up with the name pretty much the same time that we were talking about how music has lost its beauty. We wanted a name that would describe what we are trying to do with this project. We sort of wished we could just call the project “love”, but obviously that sounded a bit too much like a title for a compilation album of greatest love songs of the ‘70s. So we added “echo” to give the project a sort of gentle, breathy, feminine image of spreading love. And now it probably sounds more like a title for a compilation album of greatest love songs of the ‘80s.

So you’re currently working on your debut album, how is that going? What should people expect to hear?

Vic: The album is currently being pressed. We’re hoping people will find it so chill they’ll get goosebumps.

Who and what were your influences for this project?

Vicki: Midnight, sunflowers, lucid dreaming and kittens. And an occasional pint of vanilla ice cream.

What are you currently listening to now?

Vicki: Porcelain Raft and Franz Schubert’s Sonata for Piano in A major, D. 959
Vic: Various golden era hip-hop and Stephan Bodzin.

You released a wonderful teaser into your music, a cover of The Love Cats by The Cure, how did you decide to pick that song?

Vicki: I have always really loved that song and wanted to do a slower, more sensual version of it. I pitched the idea of covering it to Vic, but he thought this project should have a “no covers” policy and had never heard the song. I sent him my vocal track anyway, and the fact that he didn’t know the song turned out to be a great blessing, because he was able to create a completely original and wildly beautiful piano-laden track for it.

What do you love the most about music?

Vicki: Its passion, its ability to move people in incredible ways.

What are your plans for the future for Love Echo?

Vicki: We’re really just taking this project day by day. We’ll probably be touring in the immediate future, and we’re still making tracks, eating loads of ice cream and cuddling kitties. Maybe there’s a second album in there somewhere, but we’re not thinking too far ahead and are just hoping that at least a track or two on our debut release will touch a few people.



– The GROUND Magazine

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