Indieshuffle :: Love Echo – Lovecats

Vic Miranda and Vicki Glass have put out a simple teaser of their newest duo project, Love Echo, and it’s chilling not just by nature, but by the great expectations they’ve fostered with their barely-there releases.

Their reprise of “Lovecats” is a song that coddles you in serenity. Let’s take away the jumpy beat, itching vocals, and the indie-rockabilly sense that The Cure created with their original song. Let’s drain it of its spunk and youth, and fill it full of warmth and twinkling vocals. A mellow stream of melody allows the tender vocals to weave in and out of the note-by-note piano tune and leaves you glistening with affection. “Lovecats” is the sound of cashmere, it’s the smell of cheesecake — all of its aspects are delicately wonderful.

– Indieshuffle

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