MTV Iggy :: Artist of the Week: Luxembourg’s Love Echo


Artist of the Week was fierce this week. The bling was off, the claws were out, and the fan voting was violent. But now, it’s time to relax and sink into the sllloowww rellaxxxinnggg reverrrberratting album from our winners from Luxembourg, Love Echo. 

Their win is super timely; the duo’s liquidy debut album I Promise You Always The Sky was released just last week, and after listening to it on full blast, I’m finding it truly tragic that our office came with a spa. We stick by our previous comparisons: you’re in for the dream electro-pop of Grimes, experimental beats of Daedelus, and the trip hop sink-into-the-couch vibe of Morcheeba. In short, irresistible. In short, find the nearest sauna and climb into it.

Stay tuned for a tell-all with the band, but in the meantime, enjoy their single “Hush.”

By Halley Bondy

– MTV Iggy

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