MTV IGGY :: Luxembourg’s Love Echo is Like a Hot Bath

 Luxembourg’s Love Echo is Like a Hot Bath


Name: Love Echo (Vicki Glass, Vic Miranda)

Where they’re from: Luxembourg (vocalist Vicki Glass is based in Tokyo)

When they started: 2012

Genre: Dream-pop, Lo-fi, instrumental weirdness

Most Similar: Grimes, Daedelus, Morcheeba

Sounds Like: Good yoga music. Or for us lazier folks, music for sinking hard hot tub.

Yes, we’re excited to stick the Luxembourg flag on our site. But we’re especially excited that Love Echo is making Monday a lot more bearable by taking chill-out to mountainous proportions.

The new group is releasing their debut album, I Promise You Always the Sky, on January 18, and all signs point to thick relaxation. The sloooow-tempo beats borrow from (perhaps unwittingly) the hip-hop LA sound the stuttery likes of Daedelus and Flying Lotus, and the whole thing is packed with generous reverb. The vocals veer it into pop territory, but only by a hair. This is no standard boy/girl dream-pop duo, since the production is quite mathy and could probably stand alone. On some tracks, the vocalist element is minimal, acting as a comforting, breathy instrument in the background. On others, like their cover of The Cure’s “Lovecats,” the vocals are far more prominent, earning them the Morcheeba comparison above.

The whole vibe is, in fact, very 90s trip-hop. You leave their album not feeling dark, or light, but feeling totally foggy, and unable to move from your seat. For this reason, they are strongly recommended for the hours when you have nothing pressing to do, except sit in the tub.

Stream their new single “We,” off I Promise You Always the Sky, out January 28 on LebenStrasse Records.

By Halley Bondy


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